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Need Something Customised?

Do you love our pieces but need a custom size? There are countless ways that make your space unique, and we want to bring that vision to life. Remember that we are not able to show everything online – but if you have your heart set on a specific piece, we can change the size, configuration, colours and materials of nearly every design. If you are in doubt, visit us and have a talk with our sales team on how to customise the right furniture for your space.

Mimosa Rattan Dining Set.jpg

Step 1

Design Selection And Size

Step one is about finding the design and size you like. If you prefer one of our pieces, we can curate it to your space. If you are looking to make your own design, you can sit with our team to curate your design based on your space.

Step 2

Materials, Fabrics, And Colours

Whether you have your heart set on indoor or outdoor furniture, each space has its own colours and surfaces. Here you can start to choose the right swatches of your pieces.

Please note that all digital swatches, colour selections must be confirmed in-person at our Showroom as they may appear slightly different online

Sunflower Set.jpg

Step 3

Confirm Your Order With Us And Sit Back And Watch Your Vision Come To Life!

Get In Touch With Our Team!

At our showroom, our team is ready with professional guidance on all the above. We can advise you in store and then visit you in your space to visualise your design and bring it to life!

Tel: +254 787 939 968


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